About Us

UNISON Energy engineers, installs, owns, operates, and maintains on-site power generation solutions.

UNISON’s solutions provide our clients with electric and thermal energy that reduces energy costs, increases reliability, and provides a more environmentally friendly energy solution than the local utility.

Our CHP solutions have been optimized for our core industry verticals including: supermarkets, refrigerated distribution centers, food processing facilities, data centers, large commercial properties, large hotels and senior care facilities.

Unison Energy uses equipment from manufacturers with over 6,000 systems installed in the US and Europe.  Our engineering partners represent firms with decades of experience in CHP projects and facility design for our core industries.

Our experienced team of CHP engineers, distributed generation project managers, financial experts, and operations services deliver high quality solutions for our clients.  Our team is building out a network of distributed generation units in high energy cost states such as California, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic and will opportunistically evaluate other high energy cost geographies.

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