Case Study:
Peninsula Regional Medical Center

Peninsula Regional Medical Center is an example of one of our larger mid-range hospital projects, a CHP system consisting of 2 x 1,560kW engines. The power output of the two generators was combined through a 3750kVA step-up transformer to match the 25kV operating voltage of the hospital’s electric distribution network.  New switchgear was installed to interconnect to the network and controls were added to the existing primary gear to allow the CHP to load follow and operate in island mode.  Delmarva Power & Light (DPL) required Direct Transfer Trip (DTT) via fiber-optic communications.  DPL installed the fiber from two separate substations to the property line at Unison’s expense. Unison handled communications and programming on the property to allow the utility to measure and control the CHP output.

To take full advantage of the heat available from the CHP, it had to be connected to the hospital’s main boiler plant and an auxiliary boiler room on the other side of the campus.  Unison installed over 4,000 linear feet of hot water piping from the CHP to the boiler rooms.  The piping was routed underground in pre-insulated pipe with leak detection, over a portion of the hospital roof and wall-mounted in a decorative chase to match the existing architecture.  Unison specified and installed all heat exchangers, pumps, and valves necessary to deliver the heat. Direct digital controls were installed and integrated into the existing building management system to optimize heat delivery to the boilers.