Getting Started

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Unison installs, owns, operates and maintains our CHP solutions. Our clients sign an Energy Services Agreement (ESA) that states Unison Energy only invoices for the energy we generate on site and is consumed by our client.  Our customers begin saving money immediately with no up-front investment.

In keeping with our turnkey approach, Unison can perform an initial feasibility analysis with some basic information, and at no cost to the customer. This analysis will indicate whether a facility’s electrical and thermal loads make the facility a good candidate for a CHP system and, if so, what the general size and projected savings of the system would be.

Initial CHP Review:  To complete this analysis, we need the following information for the facility:

  • 12 months of electrical usage (kWh) and cost ($) from the utility bills;
  • 12 months of gas usage (therms) and costs ($) form the utility bill;
  • 3rd party electric or gas supply information, if applicable;
  • 12 months electric interval data (if available)
  • Brief description of facility: boilers, chillers, hot and cold water usage, etc. and any “as built” electric or mechanical drawings of the facility;
  • Primary engineering or energy contact at the facility.

In return, Unison will provide the customer with detailed preliminary CHP proposal in the form of an Energy Services Term Sheet as well as provide its standard Energy Services Agreement (“ESA”) for review.  If our initial facility CHP review confirms attractive energy savings and our standard ESA terms are satisfactory to the customer, then Unison will undertake a more formal CHP Feasibility Study involving a detailed CHP system design and engineering review.

The CHP Feasibility Study:  Unison will schedule a walk-through of the customer facility by our engineers in order to perform a detailed feasibility study. This is where we kick the tires, analyze historical and future electric and natural gas rates and utility interval data in our proprietary utility tariff model, review the current utility interconnection, inspect the plant and equipment operating hours, and more.

If the feasibility study corroborates our initial energy savings estimates or better, then Unison and the customer would agree on the implementation of an on-site CHP solution, sign the ESA and begin the process to complete the project including final ESA contracts and CHP system permitting, design, construction, commission and operations, etc.

In summary, our process is designed to be efficient, easy, transparent and turnkey in the truest sense of the word. And perhaps most importantly, there is no cost to get started!