At Unison Energy, we provide turnkey microgrid solutions that keep you at 100% operability no matter the state of the grid.

Microgrids use on-site generation to provide power during a utility outage. During the outage, a microgrid controller opens a breaker to isolate the site from the utility. The controller then matches electricity production from the on-site generator to the site demand to provide power for the duration of the outage.

Simple microgrids involve a single generator such as a natural gas engine to a single building such as a hospital, industrial facility, distribution center, supermarket or hotel. More complex microgrids coordinate multiple generation and storage sources such as cogeneration systems, solar arrays, and battery storage to provide the power to campuses comprised of multiple buildings. These more complex microgrids can be optimized for facility resiliency, sustainability, time-of-day energy pricing, peak shaving as well as power quality.

Unison Energy has microgrid sites operating across the country and in the last 12 months have provided reliable power 19 times during outages lasting 2 hours to 8 days saving our clients millions of dollars in operating losses while providing peace of mind. Go here to find out how we can help your facility.

Cogeneration / CHP

Cogeneration’s primary differentiator from traditional power generation technology is its utilization of waste heat to provide heating or cooling. This increases the cogeneration system’s total efficiency upwards of 80% compared to 40% for an average utility power plant.

The first commercial power plant, built by Thomas Edison in the late 1800’s, was a cogeneration system that powered the world’s first light bulbs and captured waste heat to produce steam and warm local buildings and manufacturers. Cogeneration technology has greatly matured since Edison’s day to incorporate the latest technological advances in airplane turbines, automobile engines, building energy management software and the broader power industry.

Unison Energy owns and operates on-site cogeneration facilities as part of a microgrid. Our solution provides reliable power on site, cheaper generation than the utility, and 20-40% carbon reductions. Go here to find out how cogeneration can help your facility.

Central Plant Upgrades





All facility operations leaders have a list of upgrades that are needed for their facilities. Boiler replacements, new VFDs, chiller expansions, lighting upgrades all require scarce capital and too often the solution is to patch it up until the next budget cycle straining operating budgets and maintenance teams.

Unison Energy frequently includes upgrades to key components of the central utility plant as part of our microgrid or cogeneration projects. We manage the purchase and installation of the equipment in our Energy Services Agreement. Typically, the inclusion of these upgrades in our on-site energy solution mean that our client saves a little less than they would have with just the microgrid or cogeneration system but many of our clients find it is a great way to upgrade outdated equipment or install new capacity without a capital outlay. With Unison Energy handling the procurement and installation of both the microgrid system and the additional facility upgrades our clients can allocate their scarce resources to other projects. Go here to find out more.

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