Our CHP Solution


Unison Energy provides turnkey solutions for on-site power generation to increase energy reliability, reduce costs, and support our clients’ sustainability programs.

We bill on a “power by the hour” basis.  Customers pay only for their energy usage.   No CapEx.  No maintenance.  No operating requirements.

Unison Energy provides both primary and redundant power solutions so you can focus on your business.

Standard solutions from 250 kW – 10 MW

Unison Energy has developed standardized CHP solutions for industries that are heavy consumers of both electricity and thermal energy (such as refrigeration, space heating/cooling, dehumidification, and hot water).  Our typical CHP solution places generator sets and related thermal transfer equipment in standard containers on site. The CHP systems are monitored remotely 24/7 and Unison is responsible for any needed maintenance and repair. Typical solutions include:

  • CHP related heating system and boiler plant projects
  • CHP related cooling system and chiller plant projects
  • CHP trigeneration projects involving electricity, heating and cooling

Unison CHP systems are engineered to cover up to 100% of our clients’ power needs with the primary equipment. Backup equipment is often installed to cover 100% of the load during maintenance periods of the primary equipment, to ensure system reliability and to prevent utility demand charges.  Although not necessary, many of our clients choose to remain connected to the utility grid providing a third level of energy resiliency.

Our standard CHP solutions place our equipment in containerized units to reduce on-site construction costs, improve quality, and therefore reduce clients’ energy bills.

Industry expertise

  • Data centers
  • Food processing
  • Hospitals & other healthcare facilities
  • Hotels
  • Industrial processes
  • Office and condo buildings
  • Refrigerated distribution centers and Cold Storage
  • Senior care
  • Supermarkets

Key elements of our standard design

  • Standard containerized engine-genset, heat recovery, and paralleling electrical switchgear for engine sizes 250 kW up to 2.0 MW (multiple units may be used together);
  • System sized to maximize client savings which may be above or below peak thermal or electric base load;
  • Paired with standard, containerized absorption chiller units including chiller, cooling towers, pumps, and controls;
  • Sound attenuated for residential environments – as low as 55db;
  • Emissions controls that meet federal, state & local requirements including California’s industry leading emissions levels;
  • 24×7 remote monitoring and management of 100’s of control points on the system using highly sophisticated remote diagnostic, fault and performance management software that provides ongoing reporting and analysis to Unison Energy to assist us in determining best methods to maximize the performance of our CHP solutions;
  • On-site repair technicians for immediate maintenance;
  • Backup engine to provide power during scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

Standard Containerized CHP Solutions

CHP Size (kW) Annual kWh MBH Tons Chilling
280 2,145,216 1,290 40
380 2,911,364 1,651 60
450 3,447,668 1,750 60
600 4,596,890 2,324 80
800 6,129,187 3,044  105
1200 9,193,781  4,080  140
1550 1,187,5300  5,424 190
2000 1,532,2968  6,833  240

Custom solutions 5 MW and above

Unison Energy also designs, builds, finances and operates large custom solutions for our clients.  We leverage the expertise of our engineering partners and the depth of our financial partners to build these custom solutions.  We work with a client’s existing maintenance departments and deploy our own on-site service staff to operate & maintain the equipment.  Typical industries for custom solutions include:

  • Data centers
  • Food processing facilities
  • Industrial processing facilities

Other design elements

Our CHP systems use sound attenuation technologies that reduce noise levels to well below what is required for permits and can be further reduced if required to overcome local ambient noise ordinances or neighborhood concerns.

Emissions comparison chart

Note: Emissions comparison for a
typical supermarket in Maryland
(2,600 MWh and 500kW peak demand)

Unison has engineered its solutions to be a part of our clients on-going energy sustainability and resiliency programs. Many of our clients are focused on what they can change in their supply chain to lower their carbon footprint and green house gas emissions.  Our innovative on-site CHP solutions use clean fuels and leading edge emissions technology to allow us to reduce NOx, SOx and CO2 emissions to levels well below permitted standards, helping our clients achieve their sustainability goals.



Engineer, build and commission

Unison Energy principals and our engineering partners have saved clients millions of dollars through the design, development, and implementation of CHP systems coupled with comprehensive energy management programs.  We provide comprehensive CHP feasibility studies and design and engineering services including evaluating commodity supply options and life cycle cost analyses to help our clients achieve their energy goals.  Our practical, hands-on approach to designing a CHP solution, coupled with our vast technical depth provides our clients with a mechanism to achieve their financial and operational goals. Our project management and commissioning services team serves as our client’s advocate throughout the design and construction process thereby reducing change orders, ensuring that our systems integrate with facility specific electric and thermal systems and are optimized for efficiency and life-cycle costs.  They look good as well!  Services include:

  • Feasibility studies;
  • Design reviews;
  • Review and input to construction schedule;
  • Participation in construction and commissioning meetings;
  • Managing and witnessing the functional testing process during commissioning;
  • Post commissioning evaluations and reports.
  • Maintenance of the system warranty, performance and deficiency database;
  • System documentation including system inspection and ongoing compliance forms.

Remote monitoring, operations and maintenance

Unison_3Unison Energy is building a robust operations and maintenance organization. We only integrate systems and components with long in-field track records and apply the best practices to all our system maintenance procedures.  We monitor sites 24/7 using highly sophisticated remote diagnostic, fault and performance management software that provides ongoing reporting and analysis to Unison Energy to assist us in determining best methods to maximize the performance of our CHP solutions. Our turn-key monitoring, operations and maintenance of our energy systems ensures that our clients always have energy reliability and savings.