Customer Benefits

Unison Energy is committed to providing our clients with solutions that increase profits, enhance energy reliability, and achieve their sustainability goals with no upfront capital costs. Unison is making a good model better by implementing standardized CHP solutions that can be implemented enterprise-wide.

utilities-iconReduced Costs

We provide energy cheaper than utilities because (i) we avoid transmission costs and (ii) we use the heat generated from the engine to provide refrigeration space heating/cooling, dehumidification and hot water.

reliability-icon Increased Reliability

Our primary systems can cover 100% of our clients’ electricity needs. Additional backup capability also covers 100% of their needs when our primary energy systems are down for maintenance, and customers typically remain tied to the utility for a third layer of backup. All systems are monitored 24/7 to ensure equipment reliability and optimum system performance. Even when the utility has an outage, our customers continue to operate.

footprint-icon Decreased Carbon Footprint

Electricity from most utilities is carbon intensive because of their heavy reliance on fossil fuels and relative inefficiency. Traditional power generation typically loses 60-70% of the BTU energy input; these efficiency losses are in the form of waste-heat (50-65%) and energy transmission (7-10%).

In contract, by capturing and using the waste-heat, and avoiding transmission losses, Unison Energy’s on-site tri-generation solutions reduce energy waste. Our solutions use a combination of natural gas, diesel or bio gas and can be configured as bi-fuel solutions (natural gas + diesel or bio gas) to increase fuel reliability. This decreases NOx, SOx and CO2 even further.

capital-icon No Capital Required

Unison installs, owns, operates and maintains our CHP solutions. Our clients sign an Energy Services Agreement (ESA) that states Unison Energy only invoices for the energy we generate on site and is consumed by our client.

Our customer benefits mean that our customers begin saving money immediately with no up-front investment.