Operations and Maintenance

Unison Energy’s O&M team strives to be the best in class in a variety of different categories. The team is made up of U.S. military veterans with extensive knowledge in power generation and decades of experience across multiple power generation systems.

To keep our O&M team well trained and on the cutting edge of CHP systems and power generation, we send them to formal annual training, which certifies them to work on a variety of different equipment, energy systems as well as safety protocols. To ensure timely and orderly dispatches and asset management, our team utilizes a cloud-based service system, ServiceMax, to track and schedule planned maintenance events, organize quarterly inspections, manage inventory, warranty, insurance and operational permits. In addition, Unison Energy’s O&M team maintains a well-trained remote monitoring team capable of responding to our customers’ needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Core to Unison Energy’s O&M strategy is our commitment to predictive analytics to reduce downtime and improve the customer experience. In pursuit of this strategy, we have developed a proprietary data collection warehouse. We use this data for real-time monitoring of our fleet and for conducting deep-dive analyses of system performance. Using key indicators, we are able to identify and mitigate recurring faults and preemptively respond to system alerts. The combination of our well-trained team and our advanced monitoring, operating, and maintenance capabilities ensure that our clients always have energy reliability and savings.