The Energy Transition Is Here

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The race is on to cut carbon emissions. We offer our clients comprehensive sustainability solutions that make the most of Inflation Reduction Act tax credits.

A Path to Carbon Neutral

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Start with Baseload CHP

On-site cogeneration-based microgrids can cut your facility’s emissions 20-40% and largely eliminate your reliance on coal-powered utilities.

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Include Renewables Where Possible

Unison Energy microgrids can incorporate solar and battery storage to reduce emissions by 10-20%.

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Incorporate EV Charging

We can scale our microgrids to support the large electric loads required for reliable fleet electrification charging.

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Make Upgrades

While installing a microgrid, we can improve your facility’s efficiency with boiler replacements, new VFDs, chiller expansions, and lighting upgrades.

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Consider Hydrogen & RNG

As alternative fuels become viable, we can retrofit our CHP systems to use zero-carbon biogas, renewable natural gas, and hydrogen.

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Leverage Carbon Capture & Sequestration

Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) is a viable solution for facilities aiming to reach zero carbon.We may be able to help your facility reach net negative carbon emissions.

Why Unison Energy



Our systems offer a 20-60% decrease in real, on-site emissions, with additional 10-20% savings when using solar and battery.



In an era of extreme weather and grid disruptions, resilient energy matters. Our systems are designed to offer dependable power and business continuity for as long as an outage lasts.



Our analysts help you maximize savings and take full advantage of financial opportunities, including tax credits in the Inflation Reduction Act.


Energy as a Service

We can formulate a multi-part plan to optimize sustainability benefits for your facility, for the long-term.

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