Energy as a Service (EaaS)

Our Turnkey Approach

We are your energy partners for the long term. Through an energy services agreement (ESA) we handle everything, from financing the project, to owning and maintaining the system for the next 15-20 years. We are invested in your success, every step of the way.  

Your Energy as a Service Benefits

No upfront costs

Unison Energy finances the entire project including engineering, construction, and ongoing maintenance and operations. The microgrid asset remains on our balance sheet. We only see a return on our investment if the microgrid is operational; our interests are aligned with our clients' interests.

Pay based on energy usage

Your only cost is for the electricity and thermal energy (hot water, steam, chilling) that are provided to your site, typically at a lower cost than the utility.

Long-term cost and energy security

We assume the risk and responsibility of the asset, while you gain a predictable energy plan for the next two decades.

Equipment upgrades

We can include capital improvements in our financing, including central plant upgrades like boiler replacements, new VFDs, chiller expansions, and lighting upgrades, as well as fleet electrification.

Our team handles the operations

Our in-house technicians take ownership of the systems, leveraging proactive maintenance and analytics to ensure a high level of uptime, historically 98+%.

24/7 remote monitoring

We provide round-the-clock monitoring of your system and can resolve many faults remotely. And when we can't, every site has a dedicated field service technician who can be dispatched to site for onsite repairs and maintenance.

Next Steps with Unison Energy

Initial Analysis

Your facility provides 12 months of electric and gas bills, and electric interval data if available, along with a primary facility contact.

Site Walk

At this stage we provide a detailed feasibility assessment, while the client provides a letter of intent.

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ESA Contract

After you sign we begin construction, handling all permitting, including air and environmental, utility interconnects, and local building authority.


We manage the design engineering and construction process, which may last anywhere from 12 to 24 months depending upon equipment and complexity of the microgrid project.

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At this stage we ensure system optimization and gain permission to operate from the utility.

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Monitoring & Maintenance

After system startup, the site transitions to our system monitoring, optimization, and operations team.

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Training & Protocols

Safety First, Safety Always

Safety comes first throughout construction, installation, and commissioning, for our own team and any third-party firms. We ensure contractors adhere to best practices and safety standards, incorporating both host facility and Unison Energy policies.

Design & Construction

Our Engineering Expertise

Our expert team customizes each microgrid to maximize your benefits. Using our proprietary energy model and database of utility tariffs, we consider how to best meet your operational requirements, incorporate energy conservation measures, and qualify your site for incentives and rebates.

Operations & Maintenance

Our Proactive Approach to Uptime

Through our culture of teamwork, site ownership, round-the-clock remote monitoring, and data-driven preventative maintenance, we achieve industry-leading uptime for our clients — typically an average of 97-98% across our sites.

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