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Unison Energy provides turnkey microgrid solutions that keep our clients at 100% operability no matter the state of the grid. We own, install and operate under an Energy Services Agreement model with zero capital expenditures from our clients, while providing resilient power during weather events and power outages, reducing our clients’ energy bill by 10-20%, and lowering our clients’ carbon footprint by 20-40%.

Unison Energy’s on-site energy solutions operate under an Energy Services Agreement (ESA) contract, which provides guaranteed, long-term energy costs for our clients. Our microgrid solutions have been optimized for our core industry verticals including: hospitals, large hotels, supermarkets, refrigerated distribution centers, food processing facilities, data centers, and large commercial industrial and manufacturing properties. Unison was founded in 2010 and has the financial backing of American Infrastructure Funds (“AIM”) and Hunt Companies

Who We Are

We own and operate combined heat and power systems that operate as microgrids.

We operate $33 million in systems in CA, MD, NJ, and NY, with additional projects underway.

We finance projects on our balance sheet, with no outside capital required.

We design and implement our systems using internal engineering and project management teams.

We operate our sites using in-house field service technicians, engineers, and a 24/7 staffed monitoring center.

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