An Energy Solution for Data Centers

Powering Data Centers

Data centers need energy solutions that can meet evolving ESG and sustainability commitments of corporate leadership, increase redundancy during power outages, plus lower energy costs. Unison Energy’s microgrids offer all this, plus lower energy costs.

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Industry Challenges


High Emissions

Data centers are under growing regulatory pressure to reduce emissions. They are projected to use 35 GW in the U.S. by 2030, and already consume around 1% of all energy worldwide.


Soaring Energy Costs

Data centers are one of the most energy-intensive facility types, consuming around 1,000 kWh per square meter, with some 40% of power used for cooling.


Unacceptable Outages

Data centers need uninterrupted power to ensure 24/7 uptime, without power spikes that could trigger system restarts.


Capital Costs

As processing power needs growth, data centers need available capital to add capacity.

Industries We Serve

Data Center Insights

Unison Energy is enabling the energy transition for data centers. Our microgrids offer multiple benefits, from improving resiliency to reducing emissions and using waste heat to support chillers.

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What Unison Energy Offers


Partner with us to reduce your carbon footprint 20-60% and meet corporate ESG goals.


Our microgrids can reduce your gas and electric bill by 5-20% starting in the first year, and take advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act’s financial incentives, including a 30+% tax credit for microgrids.


A Unison Energy microgrid with solar, cogeneration, and battery storage increases redundancy beyond existing diesel generators, providing power even during long outages when diesel fuel may be scarce.

Energy as a Service

Support growing capacity without upfront costs. With Unison Energy you pay only for the energy you use. As part of our financing we can include chiller upgrades, as well as added battery or diesel capacity.


Our cogeneration systems can use waste heat to power a data center’s absorption chillers, improving efficiency and reducing emissions.

Your partner in the Energy Transition

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