An Energy Solution for Freight & Logistics

Powering Distribution

A microgrid with solar, cogeneration, and battery storage can support your warehouse or distribution center’s growing energy needs, including EV charging stations for delivery vehicles.

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Industry Challenges


High Cost of Outages

When the power goes out or the utility can’t support EV charging loads, operations can grind to a halt and cause financial losses.


Sustainability Commitments

As corporations set ambitious ESG goals, freight and logistics centers are under pressure to cut emissions.


Growing Energy Costs

Warehouses can be energy-intensive. When energy bills rise, these costs are passed on to customers.


Infrastructure Needs

Many distribution centers are upgrading infrastructure to transition to electric fleets, not only tying up capital but managing a lengthy utility feed upgrade process that can take 5 years or longer

Industries We Serve

Logistics & Distribution Centers

Distribution centers need to ensure resiliency for operations even during long-duration outages, meet sustainability goals, and meet supply chain cost targets.

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What Unison Energy Offers


Microgrids with solar, cogeneration, and battery storage ensure resiliency for warehouses and fleet EV charging.


Reduce your gas and electric bill by 5-20% and avoid extra escalating costs, while taking advantage of Inflation Reduction Act tax credits to increase your savings potential.


Partner with us to reduce your carbon footprint 20-60% and meet your sustainability goals. Our systems can include solar and battery storage as well as EV charging stations.

Energy as a Service

With Unison Energy you pay only for the energy you use, while we finance equipment, engineering, construction, and maintenance.


Support heating and cooling needs by using the waste heat from power generation, improving efficiency and reducing emissions.

Your partner in the Energy Transition

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