An Energy Solution for Healthcare

Powering Healthcare

Healthcare campuses need on-site energy solutions that prioritize patient care. Our microgrids provide resilient power so your site stays operational, beyond basic life safety, when the grid goes down, while reducing energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint.

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Industry Challenges


Risky Outages

Ensure resiliency for operations even during long-duration outages. Backup generators aren't enough to ensure patient comfort and critical care.


High Energy Costs

Hospitals spend $3.16 per square foot a year on energy costs, making healthcare one of the most energy-intensive industries.


Limited Capital

Optimizing patient care requires significant capital expenditures, making it difficult to finance energy projects.


Sustainability Commitments

Hospitals are facing demands to improve sustainability, with many recognizing both the carbon footprint and negative health impacts of emissions.

Healthcare Facilities We Serve

Luminis Health Doctors

Our 1.2 MW CHP system covers the hospital’s critical loads, space heating, and domestic hot water. It reduces emissions by 57%, and saves them $300,000 a year on their electric bill.

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ChristianaCare Cecil

This hospital lacked backup power for HVAC, which could be risky for patients. Our resilient 1.2 MW system, well-hidden on site, provides peace of mind and over $120,000 in first-year savings alone.

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TidalHealth Peninsula Regional

This hospital’s location makes it prone to storms and hurricanes. Our 3.2 MW installation offers resiliency, a 58% reduced carbon footprint, and was Winner of 2019 Association of Energy Engineers Region 2 Energy Project of the Year.

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What Unison Energy Offers


Microgrids with solar, cogeneration, and battery storage ensure resiliency for hospitals and patients during long-duration outages.


Partner with us to reduce your carbon footprint 20-60% and meet your sustainability goals. Our systems can include solar and battery storage as well as EV charging stations.

Energy as a Service

Use your capital for patient care. With Unison Energy you pay only for the energy you use, while we finance equipment, engineering, construction, and maintenance.


Avoid escalating energy costs. Our microgrids can reduce your gas and electric bill by 5-20% starting in the first year.


Cogeneration is used by more than 200 hospitals in the U.S. This highly efficient technology uses waste heat from power generation to offset boiler usage and reduce carbon footprints.

Your partner in the Energy Transition

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