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Powering Industry & Manufacturing

Industrial sites need on-site resilient power that ensure operational reliability no matter the state of the grid. With cogeneration, your site can support decarbonization of high-heat thermal processes while reducing energy costs.

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Industry Challenge


Soaring Energy Costs

As utility bills increase, manufacturers can fall behind on production cost targets. High power costs have even forced some factories in the U.S. to close.


Difficult to Decarbonize

Industrial facilities struggle to cut emissions, as many high-heat processes cannot be electrified.


Expensive Outages

During industrial power outages, the cost of downtime can be thousands of dollars per minute.


Capital Investment

For many industrial sites, capital is earmarked for equipment maintenance and infrastructure upgrades, not energy projects.

Industries We Serve

Industrial & Manufacturing

Microgrids with cogeneration support energy resiliency and high-heat thermal processes at industrial and manufacturing facilities.

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This Gulf Coast plastic polymers plant could reduce its carbon emissions 80% over the next 5-7 years using a microgrid with hydrogen fuel and carbon capture.

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Pulp & Paper Facilities

Pulp and paper facilities can use combined heat and power for cost-effective, reliable electricity and leverage waste heat to offset boiler usage.

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

With on-site generation, pharma facilities can stay operational during outages and meet production cost targets by reducing energy spend.

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Automotive Manufacturing

With the passage of the Inflation Recovery Act, the time is now for automotive manufacturers to take advantage of incentives for on-site microgrids.

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Industrial Laundry

A hybrid microgrid that uses cogeneration, solar, and battery can support an industrial laundry’s electricity and thermal needs, and even support EV charging.

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What Unison Energy Offers


Microgrids with solar, cogeneration, and battery storage ensure resiliency for industrial sites during long-duration outages.


Partner with us to reduce your carbon footprint 20-60% and meet your sustainability goals. When feasible, we can integrate carbon capture technology for 15-25 point CI score reductions.

Energy as a Service

With Unison Energy you pay only for the energy you use, while we finance equipment, engineering, construction, and maintenance. Upgrade your boilers and equipment as part of the ESA contract.


Our microgrids can reduce your gas and electric bill by 5-20% starting in the first year. We also help you take advantage of Inflation Reduction Act tax credits to increase your savings potential.


Cogeneration uses waste heat from power generation to support high-heat processes, offsetting boiler usage and reducing your carbon footprint.

Your partner in the Energy Transition

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