Carbon Capture Is Here

A Net Zero Solution

Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) is a viable solution for facilities aiming to reach zero carbon. Unison Energy is able to support CCS projects today and help facilities make the most of the carbon capture incentives offered in the Inflation Reduction Act.

Capture Emissions

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Basics of CCS

The CCS process involves compressing CO₂ for use or injecting it underground where it can be stored permanently. The U.S. is seeing increasing investment in CCS, including CO₂ pipelines being built in the Midwest.

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Tax Benefits for CCS

The Inflation Reduction Act extends and increases the value of the Section 45Q tax credits for CCS projects that begin construction before 2033, providing a feasible path to full decarbonization for industrial and manufacturing facilities.

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Pipeline Development

In the near term, tax benefits support the development of CO₂ pipelines, which require compressors with large electric loads. Unison Energy works with CCS vendors to install systems for clients, while supplying the power for the process through our microgrids.

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Carbon Capture for CHP

Carbon capture systems for CHP allows facilities to reach net zero. The technology is currently in demonstration with scalable modular solutions available in the next 6-18 months. CHP has the potential to lower CI scores from 5-8 points.

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Carbon Capture for Flue Gas

In addition to CHP, there is an opportunity to capture carbon from boilers and other flue gas. Carbon Capture exists today - Unison can incorporate flue gas capture with our CHP Carbon Capture solutions to take advantage of IRA benefits.

Why Unison Energy



Our on-site energy systems offer immediate emission reductions of up to 60%, and with the addition of CCS technologies allows our clients to reach net zero.


Energy as a Service

We design our microgrids based on today’s proven technologies and can make retrofits to integrate new solutions. We can provide an objective assessment of whether updates are in your best interest.



We can help you take advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act's Section 45Q tax credits for CCS projects, on top of 5-20% utility bill savings from a microgrid.



We design our systems for reliable power, which may mean using natural gas. With CCS, we can ensure both resiliency and sustainability for your facility.

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