Microgrids That Do More

Hybrid Microgrid Solutions

Microgrids improve power reliability and address gaps in today’s rapidly aging utility infrastructure. When outages hit, microgrids provide peace of mind. On-site generation saves our clients millions of dollars in operating losses, while cutting energy costs and emissions year-round.

On-Site Generation

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Baseload CHP

A cogeneration-based microgrid provides baseload support, including for thermal loads such as hot or chilled water and steam boilers, which can comprise a third of a site’s emissions.

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Solar Panels

Solar helps cover daily usage peaks, when grid utilities ramp up more polluting marginal generators. A typical installation reduces a facility’s carbon footprint by 10-20%.

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Battery Storage

Solar alone is not a feasible on-site solution to power 100% of a site’s energy needs. Adding battery storage can store excess power, thereby reducing reliance on the utility grid.

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Island Mode

During an outage, a microgrid controller opens a breaker to isolate the site from the utility for as long as the outage lasts, then returns the microgrid to parallel operation with the utility.

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Intelligent Controls

A microgrids control system matches electricity production from the on-site generator to the site demand, covering critical energy needs while cutting off non-critical loads if necessary.

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Operations & Maintenance

No risk, all reward: with Energy as a Service, the microgrid asset lives on our balance sheet. We handle all operations, maintenance, and monitoring, so you can focus on your core business.

Why Unison Energy



Cogeneration-based microgrids can cut emissions 20-60%, while solar and battery storage offer another 10-20% reductions, depending on the state’s energy mix.



When the utility is down, our microgrids keep your site fully operational for as long as the outage lasts.



Our microgrids typically save our clients 5-20% on gas and electric bills.


Energy as a Service

Pay only for the energy you use. We pay for equipment, engineering, construction, and maintenance, so you can avoid upfront costs and use your capital for other purposes.


Central Plant Upgrades

During microgrid installation, we often finance and install equipment upgrades, such as boiler replacements, new VFDs, chiller expansions, and lighting upgrades. In some cases, upgrades are required in order to integrate on-site power.

Power your future with a custom microgrid

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