Make the Transition to Hydrogen & RNG

Low-Carbon Fuels

Plan for today and tomorrow. As hydrogen, biogas, and renewable natural gas (RNG) become viable solutions, Unison Energy can retrofit our microgrids and incorporate these alternative fuels, helping you achieve your sustainability goals.

Hydrogen & RNG

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Fueling the Energy Transition

The Inflation Reduction Act offers multiple incentives that support clean fuel production, hydrogen projects, and infrastructure improvements related to biofuels.

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Pipeline Mix

As the U.S. undergoes an energy transition, pipeline companies are actively working to reduce their carbon intensity by adding renewable fuels into the mix.

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Hydrogen Use Today

Hydrogen can be blended into existing natural gas pipelines at concentrations of about 5-15%, or used on site in CHP installations.

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Cleaner Hydrogen Production

Although hydrogen production typically results in emissions, increased demand and development are making low-carbon “green” and “blue” hydrogen more widely available.

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Biogas & RNG

Biogas is naturally created from organic materials. Renewable natural gas is a refined form of biogas that can be injected into the natural gas pipeline to reduce carbon intensity.

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On-Site Biogas

Sites with waste streams that can incorporate a digester to produce biogas on site can use the biogas to directly produce electricity, while leveraging the Inflation Reduction Act’s related tax credits.

Why Unison Energy



Our on-site energy systems offer immediate emission reductions of up to 60%, setting our customers up for additional carbon reduction savings as low carbon fuels become readily available.


Energy as a Service

We design our microgrids based on today’s proven technologies and can make retrofits to integrate new solutions. We can provide an objective assessment of whether updates are in your best interest.



When incorporating alternative fuels, resiliency remains a top priority. Our CHP microgrids can operate in island mode for days to power through outages.



Our CHP systems reduce CI scores, helping you qualify for the Inflation Reduction Act's 45Z tax credit. If you produce biogas, leverage tax credits while using the biogas in a CHP-based microgrid.

Transition to low-carbon fuels

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