The Power of Cogeneration

On-Site Heat and Power

Combined heat and power (CHP) not only generates electricity — it also uses waste heat to provide heating and cooling. Developed in the late 1800s, cogeneration technology offers a high level of efficiency, lowering a facility’s emissions by 20-60%.

CHP Systems

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Cover Thermal Loads

Sites with high thermal loads or high-heat processes are particularly good candidates for CHP.

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CHP helps ensure resiliency during outages by utilizing natural gas supplied through underground pipelines.

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Improve Efficiency

Cogeneration is 60-80% efficient, more than twice the efficiency of a utility power plant.

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Phase Out Boilers

Installing a CHP-based microgrid gives facilities a chance to replace inefficient equipment and potentially phase out existing boiler usage.

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A cogeneration microgrid that uses natural gas today can start integrating biogas or hydrogen with minimal adjustments.

Why Unison Energy



Our cogeneration-based microgrids offer our clients 20-60% carbon reductions by producing both electricity and thermal energy.



A cogeneration system can cut utility bills 5-20% starting in year one.



Our CHP microgrids can operate in island mode for days to power through outages, including during extreme weather events.


Energy as a Service

We assume the high upfront costs of a CHP system, handle ongoing operations, and can retrofit our systems to use alternative fuels as they become available.

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