An Energy Solution for Hospitality

Powering Hotels

Using on-site energy solutions, your hotel or convention center can stay operational for guests and staff even during long outages. Microgrids can also cut energy costs and help hospitality corporations meet ESG goals.

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Industry Challenges


Risky Outages

When the power goes out it can impact hotel guests and conference center events, causing guest dissatisfaction and lost revenue.


ESG Goals

With corporations setting ambitious ESG goals and guests expecting sustainable practices, hotels need to reduce emissions when possible.


Rising Energy Costs

To ensure competitive pricing and keep the bottom line in check, hotels must keep ahead of rising utility energy costs.


Capital Costs

Capital expenditures in hospitality continue to grow, with funds earmarked for a range of maintenance needs, expansions, and upgrades.

Hotel Case Studies

Gaylord National Harbor Resort & Convention Center

With 2.4 million square feet of space, Gaylord National saved $1 million in annual energy costs after Unison Energy installed Maryland’s largest microgrid.

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Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center

With over 1,500 guest rooms and 485,000 square feet of convention space, the Gaylord Rockies Resort needed a resiliency solution to keep the lights on, especially in the event of an electric grid outage.

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What Unison Energy Offers


Microgrids with solar, cogeneration, and battery storage ensure resiliency for hotels during long-duration outages.


Unison can include efficiency upgrades, including LED lighting, VFDs, and new boilers to further reduce your hotel's carbon footprint.

Energy as a Service

Use your capital to upgrade infrastructure and expand facilities. With Unison Energy you pay only for the energy you use, while we finance equipment, engineering, construction, and maintenance.


Reduce your gas and electric bill by 5-20% and avoid extra escalating costs, while taking advantage of Inflation Reduction Act tax credits to increase your savings potential.


Cogeneration is a highly efficient technology that uses waste heat from power generation to offset boiler usage and reduce carbon footprint.

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