Power the Switch to EVs

Fleet Charging

EV fleets will need large amounts of energy during specific charging windows — and utility infrastructure isn’t ready. On-site generation gives you control over your energy supply chain, allowing you to avoid charging constraints while cutting costs and emissions.

An EV Charging Solution

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Reliable Charging

Microgrids prevent operational disruption for your fleets, allowing businesses to charge vehicles even during grid outages.

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Predictable Costs

Microgrids help facilities keep energy costs low and predictable, even as your energy needs rise and the local utility increases costs.

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Lower CO₂ Footprint

Take EV sustainability a step further. Cut emissions relative to utility power by choosing microgrid fleet charging.

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Energy Independence

Local grids may not be able to accommodate the large loads required for EV charging. A microgrid lets you minimize utility usage during peak times and avoid energy constraints.

Why Unison Energy



Unison Energy can help you take advantage of financial incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act, for both EVs and microgrid installations.


Energy as a Service

Along with financing the microgrid project, we will install and pay for the EV charging equipment so you can use your capital for other purposes.



Our microgrids can cut your facility’s emissions 20-60% relative to the utility, ensuring your EV charging is low-carbon.



When the grid goes down, our microgrid will continue to provide your facility energy, including EV charging capabilities.

Charge your energy future

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