Unison Energy installs, owns, maintains and operates on-site power generation solutions. Unison’s solutions provide our clients with electric and thermal energy that reduces energy costs, increases reliability, and provides a more environmentally friendly energy solution than the local utility.

Unison Energy has developed standardized CHP solutions for industries that are heavy consumers of both electricity and thermal energy (such as refrigeration, space heating/cooling, dehumidification, hot water, and steam). Our typical CHP solution places generator sets and related thermal transfer equipment in standard containers on site. The CHP systems are monitored remotely 24/365 and Unison is responsible for any needed maintenance and repair. Typical solutions include: 

  • CHP plus related heating system and boiler plant projects
  • CHP plus related cooling system and chiller plant projects
  • CHP trigeneration projects involving electricity, heating and cooling
  • CHP plus wastewater treatment providing biogas and natural gas-based generation options

Unison CHP systems are engineered to maximize customer savings. This typically results in a system that covers 80-95% of a customer’s annual electrical load (kWh). Unison will often employ a second engine for peak shaving and or back-up. Backup equipment is often installed to cover 100% of the load during maintenance periods of the primary equipment, to ensure system reliability and to prevent utility demand charges during summer peak usage. Although not necessary, many of our clients choose to remain connected to the utility grid providing a third level of energy resiliency.

Unison CHP energy solutions have high electrical efficiencies (37-43%) as well as best in class electric + thermal energy efficiencies of 60-85%. System efficiency = customer savings. As a comparison, the average utility efficiency in the markets we serve is 35%.

Our standard CHP solutions place our equipment in containerized units to minimize on-site installation costs and provide uniformity of design; all major equipment including engine/generator, thermal recovery and conversion, related pumps, controllers and switchgear and all ancillary equipment are factory designed and manufactured.

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