Hurricane Sandy was a terrifying experience. You don’t know where to start. With Unison, we now have power and our customers can shop.

Melissa Buonadonna Owner / Operator

Buonadonna ShopRite, LLC





Although the electricity grid is one of the great achievements of the 20th century, it is less than perfect. Overhead power lines are susceptible to high winds, storm damage, or even a local delivery truck running into a telephone pole. Communities and businesses however depend on critical infrastructure to continue to operate even during the extended power outages that have become the new normal.

Unison Energy specializes in microgrid capabilities that use on-site power generation to isolate from the utility during an outage and power the site in island mode for as long as the outage endures whether that is minutes, days or even weeks.

In the past 12 months we have supported our clients with full power during 10 separate island mode events ranging from 2 hours to 8 days. Go here to secure your facility with a microgrid.

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By installing the CHP, we achieve both environmental and economic stewardship that is a benefit to our community.

Dr. Peggy Naleppa Former President

Peninsula Regional Medical Center

Sustainability is a critical issue for our time. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has recommended that our society become carbon neutral by 2050 in order to prevent temperatures rising above 1.5 degrees[1] causing irreversible climate change. Unison Energy and our clients are leading that transition.

No one technology can get to carbon neutral today[2] but a mix of solutions can get us there. Cogeneration facilities can reduce carbon emissions by 30-40%. Implementing multiple technologies in a micro grid including solar power can further reduce carbon emissions to 40 to 60%. In the future, renewable gas from biofuels and even hydrogen will be readily available through existing gas pipelines allowing facilities to be carbon neutral using their existing infrastructure. In the meantime, Unison Energy supports reforestation, a concept endorsed at the 2020 World Economic Forum[3], to remove the remaining carbon from the atmosphere to achieve carbon neutrality today. Go here to get started on the path to carbon neutral operations.

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It didn’t cost the hospital a dime out of our pockets to do, and we’re able to save about $300,000 dollars a year on our electric bill.

Jerry Dyer Director of Plant Operations

Doctors Community Hospital





Onsite generation is cheaper than energy purchased directly from the grid. For microgrids using cogeneration facilities as the baseload power, the high efficiency of generating electricity and capturing the waste heat on site is more efficient than the cost of producing and transporting energy from central power plants.

Unison Energy can quickly develop a savings estimate for your site but most clients see 10-20% savings versus the utility starting in their first year. Sites with larger electrical loads, heavy steam or hot water loads, or locations in high utility cost areas are the best candidates for savings with a microgrid. Go here to begin saving.

No Capex

Unison was without a doubt the best company we could partner with. They had the expertise to design, install, but also pay for the unit. They didn’t have to go out and look for a third party to finance the endeavor – that is where other companies failed.

Mark Mears Director Facilities Management

Union Hospital of Cecil County

Using an Energy Services Agreement (“ESA”), Unison Energy pays for the equipment, engineering, construction, and on-going maintenance. This lets customers use the capital for other purposes and still enjoy the benefits of an installed microgrid.

Unison Energy finances our projects on our balance sheet. While many firms that offer third-party financing need to raise external capital to move forward with a project, Unison Energy is ready to begin work as soon as the Energy Services Agreement is signed. Go here to start the process.





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