An Energy Solution for Biofuel

Powering Ethanol

Stay competitive in today’s market with a Unison Energy microgrid. Our cogeneration-based systems can reduce your carbon intensity (CI) score by 3 to 7 points and reduce emissions 15-25%. We can also help you take advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act’s incentives for clean fuel production.

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Industry Challenges


Carbon Intensity

Reducing CI scores is top-of-mind for ethanol plants. The industry is under significant pressure to decarbonize and improve its position in LCFS markets.


High Electric Demand

Biofuel plants have to manage large electric loads and energy costs.


Supporting Upgrades

Upgrades can increase electric demand by 50% or more, requiring expensive utility substation upgrades that may not be possible in remote areas.


Power Quality

Biofuel plants need to ensure continual operations, but power outages and power quality issues can undermine production.

Industries We Serve

Ethanol Plants

Lower your ethanol plant’s carbon intensity while improving your operational economics. Here’s how on-site microgrids support corporate ESG initiatives while providing resilient power.

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What Unison Energy Offers


Reduce CI scores by 3 to 7 points, and reduce carbon emissions 15-25% depending on location and thermal load.


Lower operating expenses, even while growing your plant’s capacity. We can also help you leverage incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act.

Energy as a Service

Support growing capacity without upfront costs. As part of our financing we can include boiler upgrades, HRSG replacement, and RTO upgrades.


Cogeneration can reduce boiler usage or provide additional steam for production processes. These systems can be retrofitted to use biogas or hydrogen as well.


Microgrids with solar, cogeneration, and battery storage ensure resiliency for ethanol plants.

Energy Transition

When feasible we can integrate our cogeneration systems with carbon capture technology, further improving your CI score by 15-25 points, and helping you take advantage of enhanced 45Q credits.

Your partner in the Energy Transitio

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