Aug 28, 2020 | 3 min read

Are You Ready for the Next Storm?


When Tropical Storm Isaias caused lengthy power outages, Unison Energy’s microgrids kept eight of our clients fully operating. Is your facility ready for the next storm?

When Isaias hit the East Coast on August 4, 2020, it left over 3.7 million people without power, some for over a week. The slow pace of power restoration outraged public officials, with Governors Cuomo of New York, Murphy of New Jersey, and Lamont of Connecticut calling for investigations into the utilities’ lack of preparation.

Isaias stands as a reminder that extreme weather events are becoming more frequent while aging grid infrastructure and underprepared utility companies leave facilities to shoulder the risk.

Unison Energy Demonstrated the Capabilities of Microgrids During Isaias

When Tropical Storm Isaias hit, eight of Unison Energy’s clients lost utility power for at least 24 hours, and some as long as six days. At each of these sites, Unison’s microgrids automatically entered island mode and continued to provide 100% of the facilities’ power, while our dedicated service operations and monitoring teams worked proactively to keep all of our clients fully operational for the duration of the outages.

Microgrids use on-site generation to provide power in tandem with the utility during normal operations. However, Unison Energy’s microgrids are designed to track grid stability, so when the utility becomes unstable or experiences a power loss, our controls system opens the main utility breaker to isolate the facility from the grid. Once in island mode, our microgrids can provide on-site power indefinitely.

ShopRite owner-operator Melissa Buonadonna lost millions of dollars in perishable products eight years ago at her Bay Shore location: “Hurricane Sandy was a terrifying experience. We didn’t know where to start.” With a Unison Energy microgrid now in place, this time was different. When our team reached out to notify her that our system was successfully powering her store, she replied, “Our other facilities are all down. Thank goodness for that microgrid in Bay Shore!”

Unison Energy Is the Leading Provider of Turnkey Microgrid Solutions

Unison Energy builds, owns, and operates on-site, turnkey microgrid solutions that provide our clients with energy resiliency, while offering significant cost savings and reduced carbon footprints. We serve facilities across a range of sizes and industries, including hospitals, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, data centers, campuses, hotels, and large supermarkets.


Unison Energy’s Unique Service Offering

Unison Energy differentiates itself in three areas that are critical to a successful turnkey service offering:

Our long-term energy services agreements require no capital expenditure from our clients. We invest our own capital for the project and keep it on our balance sheet for the life of the project. We do not sell our projects to outside financial entities.

Our internal engineering and project management teams have decades of experience across hundreds of projects and run each project from beginning to end, ensuring quality and responsibility. As your partner and the owners of the project, we build for the long term.

Our internal operations and maintenance team sets the industry standard in service operations, with 98-99% availability across our fleet, self-dispatched on-site support, remote monitoring, and predictive analytics driven by proprietary algorithms and neural networks.

Stay Resilient When the Next Storm Hits

If your facility is at risk of financial or operational disruption due to power outages, our microgrids are a cost-effective solution. Unison Energy will invest the capital to design and build the microgrid and then provide ongoing operations and maintenance. We bill only for the power we produce for your site over the term of the agreement. For resilient power, replace your utility bill with a Unison Energy microgrid.

The Unison Energy service team can help your facility maintain resilient power during lengthy storm-related power outages. Click here to contact a Unison Energy sales representative.

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